About Us

FFA Sciences LLC develops molecular assays for basic research, drug discovery and disease diagnostics for acute coronary syndrome.

Our most widely used products are ADIFAB and ADIFAB2, fluorescent probes that can be used in a broad spectrum of applications; for example, to determine lipase activity, to measure serum unbound free fatty acid levels, to determine fatty acid binding to membranes and proteins, and in drug screening

Using our proprietary technology platform, we have created an array of new molecular assays to detect levels of unbound free fatty acids and other unbound metabolites.  We have also developed a hand-held, battery operated ratio fluorometer to enable you to quickly and inexpensively measure unbound FFA with ADIFAB or ADIFAB2. To learn more about this instrument, click on Accufluor.

Elevated levels of unbound free fatty acids are associated with several disease states including ischemia, diabetes and cancer. Unbound, rather than total free fatty acid levels, provide the most sensitive indicator of the pathologic state.

The new assays we are developing in our metabolomics program will provide powerful new tools for basic research and clinical medicine. Our metabolomics  program has been supported in part by a grant from the NIH Roadmap initiative in Metabolomics Technology Development.

We also offer services to the research community. For example, we will measure unbound free fatty acids in  samples sent to our laboratory. To learn more about our services, click on service.