FFA's new ratio fluorometer, the  Accufluor, is a handheld, inexpensive instrument specifically designed to be used with our probes. With this lightweight, battery-operated fluorometer, you can quickly and accurately measure unbound free fatty acids with ADIFAB2 .

For each assay, fluorescence at blue (457 nm) and green (550 nm) wave lengths are measured in about 10 seconds. The Accufluor uses disposable glass micro cuvettes requiring sample volumes equal to or greater than 0.1 ml.

The Accufluor can be used with ADIFAB2 only; however, you can use other handheld fluorometers with ADIFAB to get quick and accurate results.

The Accufluor can be used as a stand-alone instrument or can be interfaced to a computer. It's simple to use and requires no special equipment or training. A user's guide is provided with each instrument. 

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