Measure FFAu levels in fluid samples

Enable high throughput drug screening

Determine for reactions involving FFA

Determine FFA binding affinities and enzymatic activities

Develop assays for unbound metabolites

Provide fatty acid albumin complexes for calibration



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Contact Us

Includes email address, phone and fax numbers, and laboratory/office address


Includes a detailed description of our products, the reagents packaged in the assay kit, our hand-held fluorometer, and our new FFA specific probes.

New Probes
FFAu Standards

Price information is on each product's webpage.

New FFA Specific Probes

Includes a description of our new fluorescent probes developed using mutated fatty acid binding proteins.


Includes a description of the services provided by FFA Sciences to our customers

Limited Use License

Includes a description of the limited use license which covers all products of FFA Sciences. All purchasers of our products must read this license and agree to its terms.


Includes a description of work done by FFA Sciences supported by the NIH Roadmap initiative in Metabolomics Technology Development

Drug Screening

Includes a description of our fluorescent probes that are ideal for drug screening


Includes a list of data sheets and protocols available with each product

Published Papers

    Cardiac Biomarkers

    Fatty Acid - Protein Interactions

    Free Fatty Acid Transport

    Lipase and Phospholipase Activity

    Serum/ Plasma Levels of Unbound Free Fatty Acids

    Fatty Acid - Membrane Interactions

    Fatty Acid Perturbation of Cell Function

ADIFAB Testing Process

Includes a step-by-step description of the simple, quick procedure to determine unbound free fatty acid levels in an aqueous solution

About Us

Includes an overview of our research and products

Clinical Applications

Includes a description of our work using rational protein engineering to develop new diagnostics for human disease involving fatty acids

Free Fatty Acids

Includes a discussion of elevated levels of free fatty acids that can be deleterious to a variety of cellular functions




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