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FFAu Standards are available as a set of three containing oleate, linoleate and arachidonate.

Catalog #: STD-Pack

Quantity: Set of 3

Unit Size: .5 ml

Price: $75

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FFAu Standards

FFAu Standards are calibrated aqueous solutions of fatty acids complexed with bovine serum albumin. The standards are provided for several different fatty acids, including oleate, linoleate and arachidonate. Other standards are available from FFA Sciences upon request.

Assay Method

The standards are provided as fatty acid complexes with 600 M BSA in a HEPES/saline buffer at pH 7.4. They are typically used as dilutions of the 600 M stock and retain their ability to buffer unbound free fatty acid levels at dilutions exceeding 100:1. For further details, refer to the protocols.


Accurate to about 1nM depending on type of FA


The standards are sold in a buffered solution. They can be kept frozen and the unbound free fatty acid values appear to be stable over repeated (>10) freeze/thaw cycles. The free fatty acid values also appear to be stable when refrigerated, at the stock concentration, for at least 1 month.


FFAu Standards do not contain any hazardous components above 1% or any carcinogens above 0.1% as defined in 29 CFR 1910.1200, the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard.



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