Preparation and Use


When you receive your shipment of Standards, IMMEDIATELY freeze them @ -20C.

1. FFAu Standards are calibrated solutions of fatty acids complexed with 600 µM bovine serum albumin. The fatty acid to BSA molar ratios of the standards range from 5:1 to 6:1, for more detailed lot information contact FFA Sciences.

2. To measure the free fatty acid concentration of the FFAu Standards with ADIFAB add a small amount of the FFAu Standard (we recommend adding 1% by volume) to a cuvette of measuring buffer. Measure the fluorescence intensity of this blank cuvette according to the wavelengths given on the ADIFAB Information Sheet. Add ADIFAB to the cuvette (we recommend a concentration of ~0.2 µM) and again measure the intensities at the appropriate wavelengths. To use these intensities to calculate the ratio (R) value and the free fatty acid concentration refer to the ADIFAB Information Sheet.

3. To measure the free fatty acid concentration with ADIFAB2 follow the protocol above but substitute ADIFAB with ~0.5 µM ADIFAB2 and use the wavelengths and constants given on the ADIFAB2 Information Sheet.