Disease Diagnostics

Based on our unbound metabolite technology

For the following diseases:



See a recent publication on cardiac biomarkers for diagnostic evaluation of chest pain using our technology.

Cardiac Biomarkers








Innovative Products and Services


FFA Sciences produces novel assay reagents to measure levels of unbound free fatty acids and other unbound metabolites in fluids. These easy-to-use reagents require very little sample. Measurements can be completed in approximately one minute.

Our most widely used products are ADIFAB and ADIFAB2 , fluorescent probes that can be used in a broad spectrum of applications.

We are also developing new fluorescent probes for the following metabolites: Arachidonic, DHA, Linoleic, Oleic, Palmitic and Stearic acids. These probes have enhanced specificity for individual FFA and other metabolites and provide a unique platform for Metabolomics.






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